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Pathankot is a perfect scenic getaway from the hustle bustle of the city. Situated at the border of Himachal and northern tip of Punjab, it's a wonderful place to unwind. The exotic scenic views and lovely escapades will surely captivate you. Its a hub to Himalayan foothills and the beauty of the place is simply mesmerizing. If you are planning a trip to Pathankot, there are many places to explore.

Explore the place in its full vibrancy and glory. You will get to witness the culture and tradition of the place, which will melt your heart. Pathankot is an ideal destination for holiday with your family. Its flaked by Ravi River and Chakki River. From beautiful temples to forts, you can experience a great vibe in Pathankot. If you like to travel to places that are fun and different, then you can choose this as your ideal holiday destination.

Places of Attraction

Mukhteshwar Temple: Situated 25 km away from Pathankot, this is an ancient and popular temple. The cave-like structure of the temple attracts many tourists to this place. If you visit Pathankot, do visit this famous temple for some divine intervention. You will surely find some peace of mind here.

Shahpurkandi Fort: If you are a history lover, then you can't miss this place when you visit Pathankot. Shah Jahan's chief built the fort in the year 1505. The fort has an old architecture but its charm is just amazing. You will get a prehistoric vibe from this place for sure.

Nagni Temple: There are so many temples in India and each temple has as its own pious relevance. Nagni temple is really popular in Pathankot. It's a place that is dedicated to the Goddess of snakes. You heard that right. It's also believed that all your wishes get fulfilled if you visit this temple with a pure heart. Do take time out to visit the temple.

Nurpur Fort: Punjab is a land of ancient architecture. It was reigned by many kings back in history. There are many forts and palaces that are still there to give a glimpse to history. Nurpur fort is a 900-year-old fort that is located close to Pathankot. Pathania Rajputs built the fort. There is also a famous Krishna Temple located near the place that you can visit. You will get a historic feel in the place for sure.

Things that can attract you

You can visit the Ranjit Sagar dam in Pathankot; it was built for power generation and irrigation. In fact, it's the biggest hydroelectric project of Punjab. Kathgarh Temple is popular for its six feet Shiva Linga. Many Hindu devotees visit this place to experience the divinity of the temple. The temple is located near the Beas River.
The best part is the place has a great backdrop and awesome scenic locales. You can also visit the famous Ashapurni Temple that is dedicated to Maa Ashapurni. The place is known for its Kanya puja that is held in Navratri every year. People from all over Punjab visit the place during Navratri to seek blessings. You will feel a positive aura at the place so do visit this temple when you visit Pathankot. You can also visit the Kali Maa ka Mandir that is dedicated to Goddess Kali Maa.


The best time to visit the place is in summers. The place is surely hot but not humid. You can plan a long holiday in the summer season to enjoy every attraction of Pathankot. The average temperature during summers is 34 to 40. You can also plan a trip around March or April to enjoy your holiday.

You can also plan a trip in monsoons, as you will get to witness the lush green mountains and great escapades. Though the rains are not incessant, you can explore the place and visit great destinations too. During monsoons, the temperature is between 20 to 30. Winters are also a good time to visit Pathankot. Though the temperatures drop but not to an extent that you can't see things. In fact, tourists from all over India visit the place during winters to enjoy chilly air. You can have an amazing time in the cool breeze and pink weather.

How to Reach

You can reach Pathankot by road, rail route or air travel. If you are traveling by road, you can take a state bus from other cities in the north. You can take a bus from Shimla or Chandigarh to reach your destination. You can also take a private cab to Pathankot from Delhi or Shimla. It's well connected to other parts of Punjab too.
If you are traveling by the rail route, then you can take a train to Pathankot railway station. You can also take a train to Barolo junction and then take a private cab to reach Pathankot. The rail route is well connected to other parts of India.

If you an air travel person, then you can take a direct flight to Pathankot airport. The main city is just 3 km from the airport. There are many domestic flights that are connected to Delhi.

Pathankot is a popular travel hub as it's located at the meeting point of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Kashmir. It's a great place for a short trip or a long holiday with your family or friends.

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