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Spiti Valley

Whether you are a lover of lovely escapades or serene landscapes, Spiti valley is an ideal place for a holiday. The valley has amazing picturesque views that will simply blow your mind. A holiday at Spiti valley will leave you spellbound because the experience will remain in your mind forever. The place attracts many tourists because of its surreal locations.

The locales are quite similar to Ladakh. Spiti means middle land as it's between India and Tibet. The place is quite influenced by Hindu culture and Buddhist beliefs. You can experience captivating views of lush green hills with some natural waterfalls. The place also has an amazing view of cold desert that makes it look like a postcard. Spiti valley is one of the least populated places of India so the feel is absolutely great. Plan an amazing holiday to the valley to refresh your senses.

Places of Attraction

Tabo monastery: The monastery is famous for its mystical paintings and magnificent art. It is one of the best history and cultural place to visit in the valley. You can see great works of Buddha and other artwork by local painters too.

Chandratal: It's the most captivating place for adventure freaks. If you like camping under the bravura night sky, then this is the place for you. The place is located near Kunzum pass that is another scenic wonder of the valley.

The name of the place is derived by crescent moon-line as the place offers a splendid view of the full moon. The scenic view of pristine blue water with lush green snow-capped mountains will surely make you feel a surreal experience. If you are planning a trip to Spiti valley, you must visit this place.

Dhankar Lake: It's a peaceful place where you can have a great time with your friends on a trip. Again, it's a mesmerizing place that offers a breathtaking view of the valley. The blue waters with a backdrop of huge mountains will surely give you a reason to smile. The view is so awesome that it will surely captivate your senses. Dhankar Lake is a perfect spot to have a campfire. You will cherish the experience for a lifetime.

Kunzum pass: Its located between Kulu and Lahaul valley. You can experience some enchanting and splendid view of the valley from this place. The place is known for its vibrant Buddhist flags that are a trademark of this beautiful place. You can also visit the place for its famous Devi temple to seek some divine intervention.

Things that can attract you

If different places attract you, then you must plan a holiday to Spiti valley. It is the most unexplored place with captivating escapades. You can visit the Pin valley national park near the Spiti valley. The place is like a paradise if you are a nature lover.

You can click some mind-blowing pictures at this place. Darcha is a place that is quite isolated but the beauty of the place feels dreamlike. The roads traveling to mountains and great lush greenery makes it look like some postcard. Visit the place if you want to experience complete peace of mind. It's a great place to refresh and calm yourself.


The weather is amazing in the valley all year round. But, the best time to visit the place is in summers. You can experience quite a relaxing holiday at this time, as the temperature is between 1 to 15. It is the ideal time to explore the scenic beauty of the place. March to June is the best time to plan your trip to Spiti valley.

If you visit the place in summers, then you can experience some wonderful snow activities as well. You can also plan a holiday during monsoon when the temperature is between 14 to 27 degrees. The views of the place are simply awesome during monsoons; you can have a great time staying indoors sipping hot coffee.

Winters are darn cold as the temperatures are always in minus degree. In winters, you can expect the temperature to fall at -25 degree. It's a total cut off during winters so avoid a trip during this time.

How to Reach

You can reach Spiti valley by road, rail route, and air travel. If you are traveling by road, then many Himachal transport buses are available from Shimla, Manali, Chandigarh, and Kullu. You can also take a direct cab from these places to reach Spiti valley. If you like the rail route, then you can travel to Chandigarh and take a bus or a cab from the place.

Jogindernagar railway station is also near Spiti valley but its connectivity is not that great. If you are an air travel person, then you can take a flight to Bhuntar near Kulu. As there is no direct flight connectivity to Spiti, this is the nearest airport. It's about 245 km away from the Spiti valley.

Spiti valley is a pristine place for nature lovers and backpackers. You can book a holiday with a guide and visit some mesmerizing places in the valley. It will be a trip, you will remember for life.

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