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Adventure activities to do in Kullu-Manali

January 08,2021

Manali is one of the most visited places in Himachal. It is famous for its adventure activities, sightseeing and for its picturesque locations all over the country. Manali attracts the large number of people from quarter of the country. There are many adventure activities to do according to season. Let’s have a look towards some of the best adventure activities.


When it comes to adventure activities in Manali then Paragliding is in top. It is the most beautiful experience to do in solang valley. You will fly without wings in the middle of snow-clad mountains and under the blue sky like a bird. You can feel peasant sensation in the veins with exiting adventure activities.

If you want to go there in these vacations then hurry up this will be closed during June to mid-October due to rain. The best time to visit is from January to May and Late October to December.

River Rafting

In Manali among all the Sports River rafting is the best adventure sport that will take you along with the flow of water and the beautiful scenic views on the both sides. You will feel the currents of water while riding. The beas river is good for beginners as well as for expert rafters. It flows smoothly along with the stone cut pathways just same as Rishikesh.

The best time to visit there is June to July. This will be closed while monsoon and restarts by the end of October and goes on till the start of February.


If you want to enjoy skiing at best, you will go for rohtang pass and solang valley in Manali. These two receive heavy snowfall during winter. Its slopes are perfect for adventure sport. When you glide down snow-covered slopes will have different experience. You can also go for skiing in Gulaba and Dhundi.

The best time to visit there is during the winter months i-e November to February.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most famous adventure activities. You leap your arms into the nature. Most of the people surfed and wish to try this sport. Best time to visit there is during January to March. If you haven’t tried it then you should go for this adventure.

Zip lining

Have you ever thought of covering a jungle from top of one hill to second? This adventure sport will provide you this by a rope you can cross along the hills and forests, at that speed that can only be imagined. The people who are providing this are totally professionals they are available at every point in order to check this sport without any obstacle. The best time to visit there is May and June.


You will be adventurous and exciting at the same time you will face thrill and fear. Imagine you are aside by the roaring river. You will see thousand of stars after the sunset and this is most absolute feeling. Best time to visit is between May to October.


When you get some information about what you do in Manali you will positively get zorbing as one of the answers. The sporting action is a main stream slope game and individuals who stay with Manali. Envision you are moving down a slope incline, suffered inside a huge ball. It may sound dangerous but it moves along the protected path and there are guards all upside down the hill. You should do it once.

The best and an ideal opportunity to appreciate Zorbing is during that time of January to May and October to December.


Trekking is another idea which is going famous for all through the nation. Manali is really a heaven for journey devotees. The Himalayas offers generous extension for experience. The excellent objective offers extraordinary trekking traits, set in the midst of all encompassing sights of the snow-covered Himalayas.

The most well known path for trekking are rohtang pass to snowline, Bhrigue lake trek, Chanderkhani pass, Taprito to Kalpa, Sae pass, Sangla to Baranag journey.
Best time to go for trekking is April to June for low altitude and June to October for high altitude.


Like skiing, Snow-Boarding is one of the more mainstream courageous game in Manali. It is not quite the same as skiing s in it happens from a higher and more extreme mountain or slope and you have your feet to adjust where you go. It is an incredibily exciting game.

Best time to visit there is during January to March.

River Crossing

River crossing is an Energizing and famous adventure activity in Manali. Because of a lot of surges of water, little and huge that are scattered in the midst of the slopes of Manali. This is little difficult game as you need to cross the river while swinging from a rope.

You can enjoy this activity throughout the year except monsoon.

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