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Amazing Destination-Spiti Valley Tour Package

August 21,2019


Destinations-Spiti Valley


Day 1: Kaza – Ki – Kibber

A perfect weekend getaway from Manali, Shimla, Chopta, and Kanatal, Kaza is decked up with rocky mountain slopes and bustling market. Kaza has plenty of attractions and boasts of a world-class facility for travelers.

Elevation: 3800 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Yak safari, camping, trekking, go ahead and buy some fuel from world’s highest petrol pump, enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful village, Cafe Sol, Kibber – Chic ham ropeway, Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Ki monasteriesKomic village– Asia’s one of the highest village and the only village with polling station in the town

What’s there for honeymooners: There are plenty of places and experiences in Kaza for the honeymooners. Starting with a jeep safari to monasteries, a romantic stargazing session under the colossal sky, and an expedition to snow clad peaks, Kaza leaves everyone asking for more. Local handicrafts and woolen products at state government handloom center and cooperative society run shops are a few places of interest for honeymooners.

Day 2: Tabo – Dhankar

Located on the banks of Spiti river, Tabo is a dreamy village with humble roads and hospitable locals. Tabo has ancient attractions and things of religious importance.

Elevation: 3280 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Prehistoric Tabo caves with plenty of photography options inside monastery complex, Dhankar Monastery (detour of 8 km from the main road, recommended only if you have a booked taxi or your own vehicle), mummy in Giu village(7 km detour from the main road, the village falls 1 km before Sum do village)

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Prayer session at Tabo Monastery, library with books on Buddhist, a museum with artifacts and photos, prayers offered at Tabo Gompa. Water driven prayer wheel in Dhankar, Tabo meditation caves

What’s there for honeymooners: The picturesque view of Tabo caves and local life of Tabo village and adjoining areas offer a lot to explore. A stay at one of the home stays is the best opportunity to interact with the locals at length. Their hospitality is an experience you wouldn’t like to miss. Dhankar Lake, rock art, wall paintings, and mud statues, the confluence of Spiti and Pin rivers from Dhankar Gompa.

Suggested stay: Tabo Monastery guest house, Dhankar monastery guest house, Dekit Norphel Tiger Den Restaurant

* A night stay at the Tabo Monastery is highly recommended for everyone traveling to Spiti to get an experience of a lifetime.

Day 3: Mud Village – Pin Valley National Park

While traveling back from Tabo to Kaza, the roads divert in two directions at At Argo Bridge. Head left to take the road leading to Pin Valley national Park, heading straight will take you to Kaza. Another 1-hour drive takes you to Pin Valley – a popular reserve of flora & fauna in North India.

Pin Valley National Park boasts of adventurous escapades and lush greenery. It is also home to the rare breed of Snow Leopards.

Altitude: 3500 – 6000 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Sight of picturesque Mudh village – the official entry point of Pin Valley national Park, opportunity to capture amazing shots of vivid flora and fauna, Pin – Parvati trek, ibex and snow leopards (mostly seen during winters)

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Best of flora and fauna in the Himalayas, Sagnam MonasteryKhungri Monastery, stay at Mudh village.

What’s there for honeymooners: Nature, wildlife, picture postcard view of valley, brown mountains, hanging glaciers, and fudgy white snowfields.

Suggested stay: A home stay in the Mudh village is recommended by people who have already been there

* Don’t be too preoccupied with the thought of spotting the snow leopard, they rarely come down below an altitude of 5000 meters, if they do it’s mostly during the winters.

Day 4: Demul – Komic – Hikkim – Langza

These villages fall in the fossil zone in Spiti and form the most amazing belt for sightseeing. In the Lahual-Spiti tour itinerary, a tour of these villages is of the unique experiences you can have here.

Altitude: 4580 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Komic village – the second highest village in Asia, fossils near Langza village, highest post office in the world in Hikkim, Demul – the village with only one telephone, picture perfect locations around Komic monastery for photo bugs

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Komic monastery, village tour, the gigantic golden Buddha statue in Langza with snow capped mountains is a near-perfect spectacle

What’s there for honeymooners: Go around for a romantic walk with your partner in the picture perfect environs of the Komic village, write a letter to family/friends and post it from the highest post office in the world.

Suggested stay: Home stay in Langza

Day 5: Langza – Chandartal Lake

Langza to Chandartal is a 5.5-hour drive and it is recommended to start early in the morning, mostly by 7 am. Motor able road ends a kilometer before the lake and the remaining distance must be covered on foot.

Chandartal – a crescent-shaped lake makes for one of the most awe-inspiring escapades. It is one of the key highlights of the 8 days Spiti Valley trip. The lake has also remained in the news after people confirmed UFO-like objects sighted in the area.


Altitude: 4250 meters

  • What’s there for youngsters: Campsite – 2 km before the lake, picturesque view of frozen lake (before the onset of summer) with majestic mountains in the backdrop, ideal photography set

What’s there for spiritual seekers: An ultimate place for solace seekers, Chandartal Lake is a perfect peaceful retreat for soul searching. Come here to bask in the charm Chandratal’s natural beauty.

What’s there for honeymooners: Thrill and romance define the moments spent by the Chandartal Lake – one of the highest lakes in India Here you can go trekking and camp by the lake’s side. Also, at 4000 meters plus altitude, nothing beats the crazy view of twinkling stars in Spiti.

Suggested stay: Banjara Camps, Parasol Camps, and Retreat, self – camping by the lake, Himalayan Quest Chandartal Camp

Day 6: Activities in Rangrik

As you get back to Kaza next morning, you can spend the day at leisure or youngsters can take up some adventure activities in the Spiti River. River rafting in Spiti River is one of the most adventurous things to do in your Lahual-Spiti tour itinerary.

Altitude: 3800 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Make your 8 days Spiti valley trip even bigger and better as you get a booking for river rafting session in Spiti River. Rafting in Spiti is one of the most exciting things to do in the valley. Even better the exceptional escapade here keeps your eyes glued to it.

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Not much, spend the day at leisure by going for a walk in the village and exploring more about the place.

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Take some private moment and go around Kaza or you can make the day more exciting by booking a river rafting session in the Spiti River.

Day 7: Ecosphere

Spend a day amid the environment unique environment of Ecosphere headquartered in Kaza. Of many, you can take up volunteer traveling programs that they have to offer while spreading a word about responsible traveling. Spiti and Pin Valley come in the Carbon Neutral zone, and Ecosphere constantly runs programs for the betterment of the environment.


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Altitude: 3850 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Volunteer travel, photo tour, experience of responsible traveling, experience of wild habitats

What’s there for spiritual seekers: An experience of sustainable living, organic farms, and sustainable practices initiated in the valley, spiritual sojourn

What’s there for honeymooners: Local handicrafts of Spiti, eco-friendly tour programs, volunteer activities

Suggested stay: Traditional home stays

Day 8: Kunzum La Pass – Manali

You can end your 8 day Spiti valley tour on a high by taking a break at Kunzum La Pass while getting back to Manali. The pass is your official exit from the Lahual Spiti valley. With snow-capped peaks, and hundreds of prayer flags fluttering around, Kunzum Pass is a piece of paradise!


Elevation: 4590 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Camping, driving session one of the highest motor able mountain passes in the world, nature photography

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Sign off from the wonderland of Spiti by seeking divine blessings. Offer your prayers at the temple of goddess Kunzum, and look around, you’ll find nature thanking you for being there.

What’s there for honeymooners: Look around and you will find too much of nature’s awesomeness overloaded everywhere. Kunzum Pass acts as a topping on your Lahual-Spiti tour plan. Bara-Sigri – the second longest glacier in the world, surreal view of Chandra – Bagha Mountains and Spiti valley

Lahual Spiti never turned its back on a single soul!

Tour ends with sweet memories.


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