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Paonta Sahib Holy City

October 03,2019

Paonta Sahib

Paonta Sahib is situated on the bank of the river Yamuna. There is a gurudwara dedicated on the tenth Sidh guru, Govind Singh, who spent five years here. In response to an appeal by Medini Parkash, the ruler of Sirmaur whose lands had been taken in possession by a neighbouring ruler, the Guru then barely 16 years old, set off from Amritsar for Paonta Sahib. It took no time for the gentle persuasive Guru to arrange a reconciliation between the warring rulers. In the process guruji was so overwhelmed by the scenic beauty that the decided to settle down there. Guru Govind Singh spent his days in Paonta, writing ‘DASAM GRANTH’ and in educating his followers. He built the ‘Patna Fort’ in over one hundred acres of land. The Guru left Paonta Sahib after the ‘battle of Bhangani’ with Raja Fateh Shah of Srinagar, in which he defeated the errant ruler’s army after thirty days of battle.

Bhangani :- 23 km. from Paonta Sahib. This is the site where Guru Govind Singh defeated Raja Fateh Shah of Srinagar (now in Garhwal hills, Uttrakhand) and his 22 allies. A monument has been raised here in the memory of the rulers who where killed and their queens who immolated themselves in keeping with the traditions of the time.

The Gurudwara :- It has been built on the bank of the river Yamuna on the spot where Guru Govind Singh dismounted from his horse after arriving Paonta. The shrine is an architecture marvel.

Museum :- The museum contains an interesting collection of the personal weapons of Guru Govind Singh.

Memorial Of Rishi Kalpi :- It has been built in the memory of Rishi Kalpi who was brought to Paonta by Guru Gobind Singh.

Sri Kabi Darbar Asthan :- This was Guru Govind Singh’s bathing place.

Sri Dastar Asthan :- The place is located on hillock with a fascinating view of the river Yamuna and the surrounding hills. It is here that Guru Govind Singh tied his ceremonial turban and held evening prayers.

Sri Talab Asthan :- This building served as the armoury and treasury and was also used by the Guru for his Darbars.

Quila Lohgarh :- 25 km. Quila Lohgarh was the capital of Baba Banda Bahadur Bairagi and the place from where he started the Khalsa coin.

Sahastra Dhara :- At this place there is a confluence of river Yamuna and Tong (Tamsa). This is a beautiful place and a paradise for tourists. Nearby is village Kalsi (now in Uttrakhand) 25 km. from Paonta, which was the old capital of sirmaur. At this place there is ‘Ashokan Rock Edict’ which is worth a visit. The Ashoka pillar which stood here was removed to Delhi by one of the muslim rulers of the Sultanate period.

Khodri Dak Pathar :- It is a beautiful picnic spot just 25 km. from Paonta. There is a beautiful park, a swimming pool and a tourist Bungalow. At this place the torrential river Yamuna has been tamed into an artificial lake by constructing a barrage. From here one can get a fantastic  view of the lake and park nearby. While going from Paonta to Khodri one will be delighted to have the canal side drive. Dak Pathar, Vikasnagar, Harbatpur Dhakrani, Dhalpur and Kulhal are other places of tourist interests between Paonta and Khodri Dak Pathar. ‘Chhibran Power Hower House’ is a unique one as the entire structure has been built underground. Besides, it is the first underground power house in the Himalayan Range.

Kafota :- Situated at an elevation of 1,804 meters and 42 km. from Paonta on Jagadhari-Narkanda road is village Kafota which has a salubrious climate and holds potential for picnics. A cool breeze which blows there is quite refreshing coupled with charming scenery. 18 km. away from Paonta there is Rajban Cement Factory under Cement Corporation of India. A few km. from Rajban is ‘Kamrau’, the biggest village of Sirmaur district known for rich limestone quarries. At this place, there is a Tilordhar Tibetan Colony with its Buddhist Monastery, but most beautiful Buddhist Monastery is at purnwala on way to Bhajain.

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