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Place Of Miracles - Kullu

April 15,2019

Endowed with natural beauty, Kullu is a nature's paradise. Kullu is also the most famous tourist hub of northern India. The panoramic view of Kullu is a treat to eyes. The place is covered with majestic hills and pine trees. With the lush green surroundings and pristine lakes, it’s an ideal place for a nature lover.

If you wish to seek some peace away from the chaos of city life, then you should head to Kullu. As Kullu is close to Manali that is located at a higher altitude, tourists visit both the places in a single trip. Set in the lap of Mother Nature, Kullu is home to amazing temples and attractions.

The famous temple

Bijli Mahadev Kullu

It’s a popular temple located at 2460 ft above sea level. In fact, it's one of the sacred and ancient temples of India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a big Shiva Linga.

There is a 3 km trek to reach the temple. The scenic views and lush green surroundings that you'll witness during the trek to temple is simply beautiful. You'll also get a glimpse of the Kullu valley from the temple. It surely makes one awesome sight. You can attend the Aarti for seeking divine intervention.

Festivals of Kullu

Doongri Forest Festival

The festival is popular in Manali, organized by the women of the place. The festival is celebrated to please the Goddess of Manali. The women wear traditional attires and dance to local tunes of Manali.

The festival is linked to the winter sports festival that is held in the month of Feb in Manali. Most local tourists visit the place to attend the festival. The Doongri festival attracts many foreign tourists to the place too. You can head to Manali in Feb to be a part of this amazing festival.

Hadimba Festival

The festival is organized in the complex every year and its the main attraction of Manali. Most tourists visit the temple and attend the fair for prosperity and good health. The festival is celebrated during springtime as its an ideal time for tourist to visits Kullu and Manali.

The local people take part in the festival as well. Most women wear traditional costumes and dance in the festival. The vibe of this festival is amazing and you'll surely enjoy it with local people. It's always good to be a part of something that is so fascinating and attractive.

Himachal Winter Carnival

This is perhaps the biggest fair that is organized in Manali. It's celebrated for 5 long days during winter time. It's organized in the month of Feb as a tourist can also enjoy the snow along with fair.

The festival organizes many events for local people and tourists. You'll be able to enjoy snow games and other fun snow activities. You can also take part in local customs of the place.

Kullu and Manali both are famous for festivals and other attractions. When you visit the place, you can also be a part of the local festivity. Plan your trip and have fun with family and friends.

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