Place to visit in Kandaghat

December 04,2019



Maharaja Bhupinder Singh built his palace at Kandaghat Known as “Chail View Palace”. Situated at an altitude of 1425 meters on Kalka-Shimla Highway. Because of mild climate, plenty of fruits are grown around.


Places of Tourists Interest in and around Kandaghat

  1. Karol Ranges:  The Highest in the region, houses a historical Krishna temple at the inception of a cave which was supposedly dug by the legendary Pandvas. The folk lore says this cave ultimately emerges at Pinjore near the historical Mughal Gardens. For a fit man a stiff up hill trek and back would take about one full day to visit place.


  1. Chail View Palace: Through, now a college for women, but the personal chambers of the maharaja are still maintained in the pristine glory and magnificence can be viewed by any visitor.



  1. Shiva Temple: One with a religious and archeological bend of mind can visit the temple of Lord Shiva. Folk lore dates this temple about 350-400 years. Though in between it was repaired and restructured by His Highness Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of, Pataila.


  1. Baba Thada Mulla: About half a kilometer trek downhill takes you to a local deity “ THE BABA THADA MULLA” where women are not permitted to worship. One can also witness a magnificent waterfall appx. 250 ft.

A cable car would shortly be running over and across the town to a top hill perch with a restaurant as a thanks giving.

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