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Places Of Interest In Dalhousie

September 27,2019


Bakrota Hills :- Bakrota Hills, located at an altitude of 2085 m above the sea level in Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh, is part of the Dalhousie Hill Station. A superb view of the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas can be had from here. About 4.8 km., from GPO, Dalhousie and situated at an elevation of 2,085 meters, the fascinating and bewitching Bakrota Hills offer to the tourists the brisk walk round the hills besides a grand view of snow-clad peaks.

Dainkund :- Dainkund is 10 km., away from Dalhousie altitude 2,745 meters. Dainkund in Dalhousie region is a place worth visiting, thanks to its beautiful snow covered peaks and lush green surroundings that attract many tourists every year to this stunning place. This is a towering and beautiful peak which offers panoramic views, specially on, a clear day, of the three main rivers- Beas, Ravi and Chenab.

Kalatope :- Kalatop is 8.5 km., away from Dalhousie altitude (2,440 meters) 7,930 feet. The spot commands a beautiful and grand panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and eye travels wide over hills and dales, fields and forests, smooth and ruggedness, till in the direction of Jammu & Kashmir, it meets a horizon of snow peaks.

Khajjiar :- Khajjiar is 27 km., away from Dalhousie altitude 6,000 feet. A little out of Dalhousie is a beautiful, charming retreat that makes an ideal day excursion or even an overnight visit. Far from any major town, this tranquil spot has a small lake in the centre, on which is a floating island. The local people hold the lake for in legend, it is associated with Khajinag, the deity that is enshrined in the temple here. The temple here has a golden dome.

Panjpulla :- Sardar Ajit Singh, a great freedom fighter, breathed his last on the day India gained independence, 15th August, 1947. His ‘Samadhi’ is located at Dalhousie’s Panjpulla, a picturesque spot with a natural tank and water flowing under small bridges from which the place takes its name. Sardar Ajit Singh was the uncle of martyr Bhagat Singh. At Panjpulla, there is a ‘Samarak’ in the memory of Sardar Ajit Singh.

Subhash Baoli :- Subhash Baoli is 1.6 km., away from Dallhousie GPO. A lovely spot for picnic, commanding a good view of snow covered hills. This has been named after the indomitable man of Indian politics, before the independence days, Sh. Subhash Chander. Bose. It is said that he used to drink water from this place, during his stay in Dalhousie.

Jandri Ghat :- Jandri Ghat 2 km., away from Dalhousie place of the ruler of erstwhile Chamba State, is located and surrounded by tall pine trees, is a place worth visiting.

The Round :- The Round 4.8 km., away from Dalhousie the Bakrota hills offers a brisk walk on ‘the round’ besides a grand view of the surrounding countryside.

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