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River Rafting

October 07,2019

River Rafting in Manali

White water rafting is an exciting sport for those who are adventurously inclined and are reasonably fit. It is one of the most inviting and attractive water sports which is very popular in Europe and America. White water rafting is a technique of river running which is done in the inflated rubber boats of different types. In the modern era the white water pneumatic rafts are specially made from base fabrics like nylon which provides material strength and is coated with either hypalon or neoprene to give rigidity and abrasion to the raft. These are specially designed to take the severest adverse conditions of the raft. These are specially designed to take the severest adverse conditions of the raft. These are specially designed to take the severest adverse conditions of the fast current and boulders in the water. There are three different modes of rafting. Centre mount oar raft is propelled by one man. In paddle raft water paddles are used and is controlled by the command of a guide or leader. In a mix of oar and paddle raft the leader or guide maneuvers with oars and the other members provide power using the paddles.

The Beas river in Kullu valley provides an excellent opportunity to the visitors during May and June. About 14 km. stretch of the Beas down stream from ‘Kullu to Jhiri’ provides an opportunity for the lovers of this white water sport to taste, feel and enjoy the thrill off rafting, the challenging and continuous rapids. The 90 minute journey from Shamsi (Kullu) to Jhiri makes the participants a fully satisfied lot. All the leading tour operators in Manali and Kullu are actively engaged in conducting the package of river rafting. The Himachal Pradesh Government is laying great emphasis to promote white water rafting in the Satluj at Tattapani and Rampur and river Bhaga at Jispa (Lahaaul and Spiti). With the construction of Kol dam, the Tattapani sort of river rafting has submerged under water, but Keeping in view the increasing interest of the visitors in river rafting the H.P. government has set up state level and district level rescue and safety committees in adventure sports water sports, aero sports and trekking in Himachal Pradesh. The state-level committee is headed by the Chief Secretary as chairman and other 18 heads of different departments as members Director. Tourism, as its member secretary. The district-level committee is headed by the Deputy Commissioner as chairman and other 13 district-level officers of different departments are members and Divisional Tourism Development Officer as its member secretary.

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