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The Beautiful People of Himachal Pradesh

August 21,2019

The People 

The ancient tribes (70), Modern tribes (75), Gaddis(80), Khampa (84), Angwal (89),Kinner or Kannaura (97), Lahaulas (111), Gujjars (113), Jads (116), koli (117), Bard (120), Chamar (124), Chanal (127), Bajru (131), Hali (134), Hali (134), Hesi (137), Bhariri (140), Sippi (143), Rihara (145), Turi (147), Acharaj (150), Bhat (151), Battarha (154), Khatik (154), Julaha (162), Kumhar (167), Nai (171), Sanhai (177), Saini (181), Dumna (186), Teli (186), Ghirath (189), Khashas element in Himachal (193), Brahimin (194), Rajut (199), Ranagar (202), Rathi (207), Mahajan (209), Sood (211), Demographic profile (2001).

The creation of Himachal Pradesh as a separate administrative entity was not a mere formality supported by the demand of economic development, but more of an ethical and cultural identity of the people occupying the region. From cultural point of view Himachal Pradesh can broadly be classified into two distinctive and semi-pastoral people living in the great Himalayas in the district of Lahaul-Spiti, Kinnaur, upper Shimla, upper Kullu, interior of Sirmaur, Pangi dividion of Chamba and remote parts of Kangra district. The people of these areas are admixture of the indo-Aryan or Mongolian races. (These are Kinner of Kinnauras, Lahulas, Gaddis, Jabs (Lambas, Khampas and Bhots ar Bhods) Pangwalas and Swanglas.

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