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You Want to Look Mini Switzerland in Himachal

August 17,2019

Dalhousie is well known for its meadows, Temples, Paintings, Lakes
and Rumal and for its beautiful lake. This town is acquired from the
Raja of Chamba by the British and was named after Lord Dalhousie, the
Viceroy of India. There are three well define range in Chamba is
Dhauladhar range, Pir Panjal range, and Zanskar range. You can pick the
most suitable or best taxi service as per your requirement in Dalhousie.
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Himachal is Available for you. You can get a best taxi service from
Chandigarh to Dalhousie; taxi service form Delhi to Dalhousie, taxi
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Dalhousie, taxi service from Dalhousie to Pathankot, taxi service is also
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By Flight
The nearest Airport at Gaggal in Kangra (Dharamshala) is at a distance
of 124 Kms from Chamba, 115 Kms from Dalhousie and 117 Kms from
Khajjiar. You can easily get a taxi service from Gaggal airport to
By Train
The closest Railway Station is Pathankot and it is 120 Kms from
Chamba, 95 Kms from Khajjiar and 94 Kms from Dalhousie. You can
reserve a Taxi service from Pathankot Railway Station to Dalhousie.

By Road
Chamba is linked to all parts of the country by all Weather metalled
roads. We provide All Himachal tour car rental services. Our taxi service
from bus station to Dalhousie is Available.

Place of Interest
Bakrota Hills
Bakrota Hills is 5 km away from Dalhousie. The fascinating and
bewitching Bakrota Hills offer to the tourists the brisk walk round the
hill besides a grand view of snow –clad peaks. You can Hire a Taxi
service for local sightseeing of Dalhousie.
Dainkund is 10 km away from Dalhousie. The Lush green surroundings
Dainkund attract many tourists every year. This is stunning place.
Dainkund is the highest peak in Dalhousie. Book a Taxi for Dalhousie
Tour package and enjoy your Dalhousie trip.
Kalatop is located approximately 12 kms from Dalhousie and it can be
easily reached through trekking.  Trekking is the best way to explore the
beauty of this forest; Tourists normally prefer to walk up to Kalatop
from Lakkarmandi, which is approximately 4 kms from Kalatop, to take
in the amazing views of the beautiful landscapes of Kalatop. There are
Hotels in Dalhousie at reasonable prices is available.

Khajjiar / Khajjiar Lake
Khajjiar is 27 km away from Dalhousie. Khajjiar is located in the
Chamba district. Due to its beauty Khajjiar is also called “Mini
Switzerland”. The tranquil spot has a small lake in the center in the
center, on which is a floating island. The lake is associated with
khajinag, the deity that is enshrined in the temple here. The temple here
has a golden dome. Mahasu tour and travels provides you Best
honeymoon package in a reasonable price in Dalhousie.
Sardar Ajit Singh, a great freedom fighter’s ‘Samadhi’ is located at
Dalhousie at Panjpulla, a picturesque spot with a natural tank and water
flowing under small bridges from which the place takes its name. Car
Rental service for Dalhousie trip is providing by Adventure Himachal.

Subhash Baoli
A lovely spot for picnic, commanding a good view of snow covered
hills. Subhash Baoli was named after sh. Subhash Chander Bose. You
can also get a Taxi service for Dalhousie Tour or taxi for other places
to visit in Dalhousie.

Moti Tibba is a beautiful hilltop, surrounded by rhododendron, fir, oak,
Pine and Deodar trees, that attracts large number of tourists every year.
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Satdhara Fall
The Satdhara Falls lie on the way to Panchpulla, which is another
favorite destination of tourists in Dalhousie. This stunning Satdhara fall
derives its name from the seven beautiful springs.

Chamera Lake
Chamera Lake is located 30 km away from Dalhousie. Chamera Lake is
an artificial Lake. Chamera Lake is surrounded by beautiful green trees
and wonderful valleys. You can book a Taxi service from Dharamshala
to Dalhousie (Chamera Lake).

Lama Dal Lake
Lama Dal means a long Lake. Lama Lake is a group of seven lakes. It is
20 km away from Dainkund. It is said to have unknown depth.

Bharmaur is 69 km from Chamba. It was the Original capital of state of
Chamba. It has several ancient temples and mountains that reflect its
previous glory. Some of the important temples are of kailash
Manimahesh, Lakshana Devi, Ganesha and Nar Singh, Bharmour is
known as the homeland of the Gaddis. Bharmaur to Dalhousie taxi
service is accessible.

Chaurasi temples
The Temple is situated in Bharmour complex. Bharmour 84 (Chaurasi)
ancient temple is one of the main attractions of the Bharmour. Taxi
service is available for Chaurasi Temple to Dalhousie & taxi service is
available from Chaurasi Temple to Chamba.
A public walkway-Grassy maidan is less than one km. Chaugan is the
heart and hub center of all activities in Chamba. Annual Minjar Mela is
held in the Chaugan. Chamba is a beautiful destination for honeymoon.
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& Reasonable Hotel in Chamba.

Champavati Temple
There is an ancient Temple is dedicated to Champavati near Chaugan in
the heart of the town known as Champavati Temple or Chamesani

Vajeshwari Temple
Vajeshwari Temple is Almost 1000 years old and dedicated to Goddess
of lightning Vajeshwari Devi. This is another Temple in Chamba which
is built in Shikhara Style. It is dedicated to Devi Vajeshwari or the
Goddess of lightening. You can get a Taxi from Vajeshwari Temple to

Salooni with an excellent view of the surrounding hills, Salooni is
located on commands impressive views.
Katasan Devi Temple
Katasan Devi temple is one of the famous holy places in Chamba. This is
a very popular temple with the local people and commands impressive
views. Taxi service for Local sightseeing in Chamba is accessible.
Kailash Manimahesh Lake
Kailash Manimahesh is 104 from Chamba & 35 km from Bharmour.
This lake is supposed to be blessed by goddess Kali and Protected by
Lord Shiva. You can book a taxi service from Kailash Manimahesh to
Chamba &Taxi service from Kailash Manimahesh to Dalhousie.
Nag Temple
Khajjiar nag temple situated at Khajjiar village around 22 km away from
Dalhousie. It is a very old wooden temple. It is very beautiful historical
place surrounded by deodar trees. In winter you can enjoy skiing on
Khajjiar ground. You can book a Taxi service from complete Chamba
Hari Rai Temple
Hari Rai Temple is also Called Vishnu Temple. This temple is dedicated
to Lord Vishnu and has a beautiful bronze image of the Lord in its

Sui Mata Temple
The Temple is dedicated to the sacrifice of a Rani who laid down her life
to ensure that Chamba did not go waterless. There is also a fair
organized every year from 15th of the Chait to the first of Baisakhi. This
fair or Mela is known as the Sui Mata ka Mela. The fair is especially
important for the women and children.

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